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On Clicking the "BOOK NOW" button after filling the credit card information, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

**CHANGE OF NAMES NOT PERMITTED. CHANGES/CANCELLATION OF FLIGHTS NOT PERMITTED ** except where noted under "Penalties", strong restrictions may apply (see below).

By checking the box "I read and accepted the general conditions of the contract" AND by clicking "BOOK NOW" at the "Personal and Credit Card Info" page, you agree to pay the TOTAL amount of all the charges listed on that page. The total amount of the charges to your credit card may be split into separate charges appearing in the name of the airline involved, and/or one of their agents, and/or one of our participating consolidators, and/or our partner company (Supplier Name) acting as processing company. Also, charges by an airline may be itemized for each passenger.

Additional terms, important for you to understand and agree with, are accessible by scrolling (moving) down this page or clicking the shortcut links below:


You are given a choice between preferring an e-ticket and a paper ticket. When possible, we follow your request and charge accordingly. However, it is better you assume you will be getting an e-ticket unless you book a combination of multiple carriers (airlines). Sometimes it will look like you booked only one airline, but one or more of your trip segments is actually a code share (where a plane is being shared between two airlines). In these cases you usually will get paper tickets.

In some cases, when you are booking only one airline, the airline will specifically request an e-ticket (or charge a heavy penalty if we issue paper tickets), so we will have to issue an e-ticket even if you selected paper ticket. Similarly, there are cases where the itinerary must be issued on paper tickets even though you selected e-tickets. If you are issued e-tickets, you will be charged the $10.00 processing fee, and if you are issued paper tickets, you will be charged the $20.00 processing and handling (includes shipping fee) fee, regardless of which you selected as a "preference" on the web site.

Automation Fee : None.

Shipping Fees: Will Be Charged Separate.


You need to review your itinerary BEFORE you hit the final "PURCHASE" button:

(A) Make sure the dates are what you requested: Clicking the other buttons than mentioned during the procedure may sometimes resets dates depending on your browser configuration. for e.g. Home and back button.

(B) Some itineraries have an overnight stay, or flights arrive the next day: be careful of the times and dates of travel through the whole itinerary.

(C) Make sure you have the airports that you wanted: if you search for flights to London (UK), you will get flights to all London airports (unless you specified from the start the airports by their codes such as LHR, LGW, etc... The same applies for New York , a city that has 3 airports (JFK, LaGuardia LGA, and Newark EWR). Washington, DC, has Dulles (IAD), BWI, and Reagan National (DCA). Also, be aware that some cities have the same name, such as Manchester , NH (MHT) and Manchester, England (MAN). Be also aware that some low-cost airlines fly to airports that geographically are very distant from the city name the airline claims it flies to (for example, Ryan air sells Frankfurt even if the planes actually lands in Hahn, more than 80 miles away from downtown Frankfurt.

(D) Also, be aware that sometimes you might be flying into one airport (like London-Heathrow) and out of a different airport (like London-Gatwick). This happens in New York, London, Paris, Sao Paulo, and several other major world airports. These are valid routes since these airports are connected by frequent shuttle services.

(E) Be careful of "equipment." Some airlines use trains or buses for part of their flights. This is misleading and we have no technological means of filtering out these segments, so it is up to the traveler to carefully check the itinerary. Typical examples are Ottawa (Canada), Stuttgart and Heidelberg (Germany), and Bern (Switzerland). In France, the high-speed trains TGV are part of the airline timetables and carry flight numbers: our system shows TRN under "equipment".

(F) Double-check pricing. Fees and taxes are complex. The airline reservation systems always calculate taxes on the final itinerary. On the price quoting pages, we only show you estimated taxes. Therefore, final charges are not itemized until the credit card page. Do not claim you do not know this. We will not refund charges that you did not read about because you failed to double-check your pricing on the credit card page.

(G) PLEASE makes sure names are correct in spelling and that you have not switched the first and last names around. If your name is different that how it would appear on a passport, then please enter the name as it would appear on the passport. If you are not flying internationally, then you still need a driver's license or other government ID for check-in, and the name on the ID must match the ticket. Email us if you have any question about names that you are booking. If you're getting married or traveling overseas to get your passport redone with a new name, please let us know. Also, let us know if you want to know how to book two seats in a single name, so the passenger has extra space.


This part of your bill is outside the control of "ONS Travel Inc" or any other travel agency.


We recommend all passengers purchase travel insurance to protect against medical problems, family emergencies, military duty, etc. (read the conditions of the policy).
We sell insurance on the payment form as an option.


The names of the travelers must match their government-issued I.D. if traveling within the US and must match the traveler's passport if traveling outside the 50 states. Please note that once tickets are issued, name changes are not allowed by most airlines. Do NOT book a ticket in your own name with the hope of changing the name on the ticket. Also, so not count on leaving us a message to cancel a reservation you are making and to create a new reservation in the new name, since reservations are usually auto-ticketed. Once ticketed, reservations are usually nonrefundable. Airline tickets are NOT transferable to another person. Please see section on booking for others


Name changes are usually not allowable, due to airline regulations. Also, you cannot use either a paper ticket or e-ticket that has been issued in someone else's name.

We are the only company on the Internet allowing to book flights for others. The option will be given to you when you enter the passenger details.


If the site freezes up on you, or your internet connection fails while you are booking, it is your responsibility to contact us to ask if your booking was successful or not.


If you make a mistake in a booking, do not make a second booking before you inquire about canceling the first booking. You will be charged processing fees for any booking you place, no matter if it is eventually changed or cancelled.


Most reservations can be viewed at immediately after the booking has been confirmed with your six-letter reservation code. For, enter your last name and the six letter reservation code we give you to see your information. At first the reservation should show confirmed. Later, toward the right, information saying "eTicket Receipt" will appear. If your flights leave in less than 10 days from the date you book, and the reservation does not say "eTicket Receipt" within 48 business hours of the time you booked, please contact us right away at For bookings with a departure date more than 2 weeks away it may take up to 5 days for ticketing to occur, but certainly email us after five days if you would like us to double-check with our consolidator to make sure they have not missed your reservation for some unknown reason.

When looking at your information, if it says you have been issued e-tickets, then use the Print Itinerary button on the left side of the web site to print out your details. If you print out details before it says "eTicket Receipt," it will lack ticket numbers and will not be good enough to get you a travel visa, should you need one for an international trip. The six-digit code we give you is not the same reservation code the individual airline has for you. They have their own code for the reservation, which you can find out when using . If the code we give you, it will show up at IF YOUR RESERVATION DOES NOT SHOW TICKETS ISSUED within three business days of your placing the reservation, please email us at


Sometimes, we cannot ticket these reservations. You may receive a flight confirmation, but our ticketing department reserves the right not to ticket this type of reservation. Often we will try to help you out. Otherwise, we will email you a rejection email. Make sure your email address works. We do not call overseas phone numbers in these situations. Our auto-ticketing system may charge your credit card, but it will be refunded. Your bank will then be responsible to release your funds back to you for re-use using their own timing.


"ONS Travel Inc" or one of our fulfillment partners will contact you by email within 24 business hours for your email flight confirmation notice.

Mostly confirmations are within 30 minutes. For some, it may take up to 30 hours. This will very likely occur if you book any Air Tran flights. The confirmation you receive is saying there is indeed space left and it is now reserved for you. However, fares and space are not guaranteed until ticketing, fare validity review, and successful credit card processing are complete . Occasionally, an invalid fare unavoidable shows on our web site. This happens more often with "special fares," since those are manual contracts that our participating consolidators have to manually enter into the system. If we find you have booked an invalid fare, we will email you information about this and typically will provide an alternative.

MESSAGE BOX on the credit card page:

Statements you place in the box are not conditions of purchase. Our system auto-tickets many reservations, so it will be too late for an agent to read the message in time. It is ineffective to tell us to only process if you will receive an e-ticket.


If the fares you searched are listed as "Regular Fares," they might be automatically ticketed, in which case the travel agent likely will not see messages you enter in the message box until after ticketing is done and passenger names are finalized on the tickets. So do NOT enter a message saying you want the ticket printed in someone else's name that you did not enter as the "credit card holder."


There are two categories of cancellation/changes: (1) changes or cancellations made by the airline without the passenger's agreement and (2) changes or cancellation requested by a passenger.

(1) The airline can change or cancel flight schedules due to weather, natural disasters, world health or war/political problems, airline bankruptcy, and capacity issues. Please be aware that a ticket (electronic or paper) is a contract between an airline and a passenger... "ONS Travel Inc" or its fulfillment partners are acting as agents for the airlines and cannot be held responsible for any actions initiated by the airline. If the inconvenience is great, the airline may agree to waive their portion of the standard cancellation/change penalty, and a fare that ordinarily is nonrefundable probably will become refundable. Airlines might also offer other forms of compensation if a passenger is denied boarding.

If the airline merely changes your flight schedule and you decide this is inconvenient and want your money back, we do not waive our own portion of the change/cancellation penalty, and additionally, you will not receive back processing/automation fees you have paid for services rendered. The bulk of cancellation/change fees are the airline's portion. Additionally, if the airline changes your routing to or from your travel destination, you may need to have tickets reissued . If there is enough time and you have purchased a "special fare" (consolidator ticket), the airlines might ask you to mail tickets back to our consolidator to be reissued (otherwise the airline will do it at the counter).

(2) It is best to assume you cannot change or cancel a ticket, since most of them carry strong restrictions. For most regular fares, cancellation or change to the reservation are "not allowed" as described under PENALTIES on the "RULES" pages. A few airlines will allow you to change tickets for a fee, and there might be no seats available on the new date of travel and/or you may have to pay a base price difference. Customers will not be refunded a processing fee during any refund, change, or cancellation process, no matter the type of fare. Services are considered to have been rendered.

For special fares, cancellation and changes to tickets often are possible, but are subject to strong restrictions. The most basic information will be given in the "PENALTY" section on "RULES" page. You still might not be able to cancel a fare for refund or change it, if certain conditions of the airline-consolidator contract are not fully met. Each contract is different between each airline and each of our participating consolidators. The penalty charges may be charged BEFORE you receive your refund. Most refunds take 6-8 weeks, but for a few airlines or debit cards, it could take up to six months. A few refunds are nearly instantaneous (in-house charges made by consolidators).

For some fares, changes are only possible for the return flight , which is otherwise know as "changes made after departure." For a one-way flight , this means no change would be possible even if a price is showing for changes on the web site. 

For those special fares that allow cancellation, you will definitely not be able to cancel if you have used a portion of the itinerary already. Also, cancellation of the actual itinerary must be executed prior to your outbound departure time . If you do not know until the last minute that you will be unable to use your tickets, you might not be possible to reach us. However, you at the very least will need to call the airline and ask them what to do to ensure you are not counted as a no-show at the airport in case we are unable to cancel your itinerary in time. Typically, you need to show up at the airport to cancel, if you are unable to speak with one of our agents and get a guarantee from the agent in time that the itinerary will be canceled in time. Travel insurance is always recommended. 

For special fare tickets you wish to change, when allowed by the contract, cannot ever involve a change in destination or departure location or choice of airline. Making a "change after departure " does not mean you can miss a flight and not contact the airline or us until later to make a change. A " change after departure " means a change of the return flight that is being changed after you depart and prior to the currently booked date of return. Sometimes, you cannot change the outbound date either, even if it is a one-way! Also, you might not be able to significantly change your length of stay, as certain fares have maximum and minimum stay requirements . There is no technological way currently for us to display each condition for each fare, so our web site says "strong restrictions apply."

For a change of date, it is further possible that new seats may not be available in the same "fare inventory " so the change might not be possible. In such cases, we will let you know if there are seats available in a higher "fare Inventory" and what the price difference is that you would have to pay if you elect to accept the new seats. Also, the price structure might have changed since you first booked, in which case your new tickets, in the same fare inventory, might now be a higher price. This is typically not a large difference. If there is too little time for you to mail tickets back for correction, reissue, and reshipping to you in time for the flights, then you will need to change by bringing the tickets directly to the airline's counter. Your change fee may actually be less at the airport than when done through our consolidator or us. The airline should be able to look up our consolidator's phone number.
When a special fare can be cancelled or changed, you will have to mail the tickets back to our participating consolidator that offers the fare, unless you have e-tickets. For changes to e-tickets, the e-tickets might have to be turned into paper tickets in order for an exchange to be made. In that case you will be charged any fee the airline charges to travel agencies for issuance of paper tickets. If you are requesting a refund, it typically will take the airline 6-8 weeks to refund the fare to your credit card, starting from the date our consolidator has received the tickets back from you and has submitted the tickets for refund to the airline. The time frame is less predictable than that if you have used a debit card. It may take even longer to show up on your credit card billing statement. Again, you will not be refunded processing, shipping or automation fees. 


The use of coupons from two or more tickets issued as round trip fares for the purpose of circumventing restrictions is called "Back To Back Ticketing" and is not permitted. Airlines and travel agents are prohibited from issuing such tickets. Each airline reserves the right to deny transportation to passengers found using tickets in this manner. Travelers will be responsible for the difference between the fare paid and the fare of the actual itinerary.


The most probable cause of not receiving an email confirmation from us is very often because the customer has misspelled his/her email address. Also, some customers' email accounts have junk mail filters, which automatically file messages in a separate folder (or even destroy messages!). In these cases, we don't usually receive a "Return to Sender" email, and we have no way of knowing that the customer has not received the message. Also, your email server may not be operating for a time, or your mailbox just might be full and thus our email will not get through. You will want to use to see if your reservation has been confirmed, or if it says "eTicket Receipt" yet, or if it was cancelled, or if it has been converted into e-tickets. We also send emails if your credit card is declined, so you need to be careful to check up on your tickets.


Our primary contact method is email. "ONS Travel Inc" is not liable for problems related to customer's email problems or spam filters. Also, it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the correct email address is given at the time of booking. We will try to contact you on the phone number given to us during the reservation process if we experience problems reaching you via email. Failure to be reached does not relieve the customer from his/her payment obligations: your credit card will be charged in either case.

An email confirmation is sent as soon as the booking is completed (confirming the itinerary and all charges, therefore acting as a receipt). If your credit card is declined, "ONS Travel Inc" cannot be held liable for delays or time-sensitive price changes that may result before things are straighten out with the credit card company. We will also not be liable for delays caused by the customer entering an incorrect phone number, misspelling of the name, wrong selection of destination or flights, as well as other mistakes caused by the customer.


If your credit card is declined, the fare may not be available anymore after we contacted you to get an alternative payment method. In that case, we will inform you and your booking will be deleted and your credit card will not be charged.


Credit card problems will delay shipping. Also, be advised that Federal Express or UPS do not ship to PO Boxes. If your flight departs within a week and a paper ticket is required, we will have to ship via Federal Express or UPS overnight and we will need a physical address.

If your shipping address is overseas and we cannot electronically ticket your reservation, we will automatically ship via Federal Express at a flat rate of USD 50.00 (USD 30.00 for Canada) charged directly to your credit card.


If the shipping address is different from your credit card billing address, indicate it in the remarks field on the last booking page. Incorrect address information may result in additional mail routing charges, particularly if the tickets are returned to one of our ticketing agencies as undeliverable. "ONS Travel Inc" will bill shipments charges for each attempt to deliver tickets.


If you did not receive tickets, please check to see if your reservation has even been ticketed yet or if it may even have been cancelled. More likely, in case of e-tickets, nothing will be mailed to you (not even a receipt). If you have e-tickets, our ticketing department will send you an email, which can be used as a receipt.


If you have paper tickets, and the postal service loses your tickets in the mail or does not deliver them as soon as they say they can, "ONS Travel Inc" will not be responsible. This may mean you are unable to receive your tickets before you leave on your flight. If that happens, then you will need to file a lost ticket application with the airline at the airport and allow extra time for this when you leave home for your flight. You will need to buy new tickets from the airline, and then apply for a refund from the airline. Each airline has its own policies on this. The airline may require you to make an additional charge on your credit card and follow their protocols for getting a refund on the tickets that were lost. You are welcome to file a claim with Federal Express, the U.S. postal service, or any other carrier that loses your tickets for failing to deliver your tickets within the time they promised. Some services will require such a claim be filed through our consolidator or us. Some services will only refund the value of the mailing fee that was spent to ship the tickets. 

"ONS Travel Inc" and its processors will not reimburse you for any lost ticket fees the airline charges you, unless it is "ONS Travel Inc" or its agents, not the mail service, that lost your tickets. If the airline charges a lost ticket fee, it will have to be paid by the customer, as this is a service fee the airline is charging you. It is not a "penalty" for the travel agency to pay.


After confirmation and prior to shipping, the processor will attempt to run your credit card. For purchases of $500 or more, you might be contacted and asked to fax a copy of your photo ID and credit card for credit card protection reasons. Failure to provide this may result in cancellation of your booking. 

Credit card billing addresses need to be verified, which means we cannot accept cards registered at overseas banks without extra written authorization. We may ask you to fill out the form on our web site (if the fare is a "special fare") or we may have to cancel the reservation. In the case of "special fare," we may also be able to allow you the option of sending us a money order and using a quick mail service to send it to us. We will tell you which of our processing agencies to make the money order payable to in that case. 

"ONS Travel Inc" and its partners will not be held liable for delays caused by credit or debit cards failing to go through. There are many reasons a credit card can decline, such as the billing address does not match sufficiently, there are not enough funds, your last credit card payment has not gone through so you have less funds available than your thought, your bank still has your old address (you may have moved), etc. We are not liable for difficulty you are caused by such delays. We cannot be expected to notify you of this instantly, either, as we ourselves often need to first be notified by whichever ticketing department is offering the fare you booked. We will also not call a bank directly if the bank refuses the charge without someone first calling them to confirm by phone.


If your bank debit card has a Visa or MasterCard symbol, it can be used to purchase flights. However, many of these cards have limits on how expensive a transaction can be (may be as low as $300). The bank will refuse charges greater than this amount. You may need to call your bank for special authorization, if we tell you the card did not go through. We are not liable for difficulty you are caused by such delays.


If you have any seat, special meal, wheelchair requests, "ONS Travel Inc" and its agents will try to accommodate these requests provided you mention them in the "special remarks" field on the credit card page. Please also enter your frequent flyer numbers in that space. However, some airlines may not wish to assign specific seats or reserve meals for you until the date and time of your flight are closer than they are today.


International travel may require the need for valid travel documents such as: passport, travel visa, re-entry permit, health certificate, inoculation record, a ticket for the return journey or continuance of your trip, or ANY combination thereof. The responsibility for the proper documentation rests with the individual passengers, not "ONS Travel Inc". Concerns about the required travel documents may be resolved by contacting the appropriate consulate or embassy. If traveling from the USA through Canada out to Asia or Europe , you may be required to have a travel visa for Canada, depending on your citizenship, even if you do not step off the plane while at the stop in Canada. Japanese and Korean citizens, for instance, will need a travel visa.

Some nations (for example: England, France, and Philippines) require you to have sufficient evidence of a return ticket or onward travel outside their country before you are allowed to enter the country. In these cases, you will usually not even be allowed to board the plane if you do not have the documentation. Neither the airline nor "ONS Travel Inc" will refund your ticket.

Whether you need a travel visa to enter a foreign country depends often on your length of stay and citizenship. Also, some nations require a transit visa for you to pass through their country even if you flight merely stops in the country while you stay on the plane. Canada requires this for citizens of many nations, but not for U.S. citizens. Travel visas can take time to obtain. We cannot promise a travel visa service will complete processing of your order in time for your travel. "ONS Travel Inc" will not refund passengers for being kept off the plane by airlines for travel document problems. For certain bargain fares, if you are unable to even begin your itinerary, you may be able to receive a partial refund by mailing us, depending on the airline and circumstances. Refunds will not be possible if your itinerary is not canceled prior to the official departure time. Don't count on reaching us at the last minute.


Book tickets in each passenger's name as it is displayed on a government issued ID. Check the spelling of passenger names, addresses, email addresses, etc. before you finish the last step in the booking. Children must have parent present at check-in. You should ask the airline if any documents, such as birth certificate, might be needed for boarding if a child does not have his/her own ID. Passengers will be asked for photo ID at time of flight check-in. If the name on the ticket and the passenger's ID do not match, the passenger will be required by the airline to surrender the ticket and purchase the applicable fare for the departing flight.


Airlines reserve the right to cancel or change schedules without notice. Schedules shown are based on expected flying times as indicated by the airlines. Weather, war, health risks, natural disasters, simple cost cutting and other factors may cause airlines to cancel or re-schedule flights: an airline ticket is a contract between the passenger (you) and the airline. "ONS Travel Inc" and/or its fulfillment partners act only as agents for the airlines and cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience resulting from airline decisions. A flight you booked on the site may even be cancelled by the airline prior to us ticketing the reservation, in which case we cannot promise you that we can find a similar inexpensive fare on another flight. If an alternate flight at the same price and dates cannot be booked, "ONS Travel Inc" will not charge your credit card.

In some instances, if airlines change flight times or dates significantly, they might allow you to receive a refund. If the airline wishes for you to have the "ONS Travel Inc" or one its fulfillment partners perform a refund or ticket exchange on their behalf, we do charge fees. The airline might be waiving their own portion of the change fee, but "ONS Travel Inc" will not waive the rest of the fee. 

The airline could liquidate as a company and not honor flights, and you may then not be able to receive a refund. However, other airlines often offer specials to jilted customers from a bankrupt airline.

You should always use to check for updates on your reservation status and flight changes, even after you see "eTicket Receipt" or receive tickets in the mail. You need to use this web site for flight change monitoring.


The total amount charged to your credit card will most of the time appear as two separate types of charges -- charges by the airline (or consolidator) and charges by our parent company, "ONS Travel Inc". However, the total amount charged to your credit card (sum of these separate charges) cannot exceed the total amount shown on the last booking page (flight + taxes + shipping + insurance). In some instances, customers frivolously dispute one of the credit card charges even though the charges are legitimate. By agreeing to the terms and conditions of a purchase on our web site, the customer assumes the burden of proof if he/she wishes to contest a charge on a credit card for travel service purchased, or for any other fees , taxes or services as outlined to the customer during the booking process. The customer also agrees that the bank will not be permitted to make a charge back against "ONS Travel Inc", a consolidator or an airline, until "ONS Travel Inc" and the bank discuss the charges and the burden of proof is met. The customer also agrees not to initiate a charge back if "ONS Travel Inc" has abided by the terms and conditions outlined in this document (which a customer automatically agrees to by checking the required box on the last screen during the booking process).

Should a customer charge back the airline for reservations the airline would not normally refund according to its own policies and regulations (airline rules page) and the airline passes this charge on to "ONS Travel Inc" or one of its fulfillment partners, the customer agrees to refund that charge to "ONS Travel Inc" for the same amount plus a penalty of 50% (inconvenience compensation), as well as reasonable legal fees spent to initiate proper civil proceedings (such as small claims court) to recoup this loss.

Please close this window. If you are on the final booking page, where credit card information is asked for, then please check the box that indicates that you understand and agree to these terms and conditions.

Thank you for visiting the ONS Travel Inc