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Everyone dreams of inexpensive airline tickets to an appealing location.

There are many ways to fly cheap if you are prepared to be flexible and don’t mind doing some digging. Here are some hints for how to secure inexpensive airline tickets:

  1. Choose a day in the middle of the week

    The cheapest day to fly is Wednesday. The next best are Tuesday and Saturday. Avoid Friday and Sunday. These are the most expensive days to fly.

  2. Pick a good time of day.

    The most inexpensive time to fly is early morning. This is lovingly referred to as the red eye for  obvious reasons. It may mean being at the airport at 3 a.m. The next cheapest time is noon or early afternoon.

  3. Buy your tickets at the cheapest time.

    The best time to buy airline tickets is Tuesday at 3p.m.

  4. Buy from the most inexpensive airlines

    This may take some research as not all airlines fly into or out of your endpoints. However, research has shown that Eastern offers very appealing deals. Other “budget airlines” include Southwest in the U.S and Transat and Ryanair in Europe.

  5. Choose the cheapest way to book tickets

    Almost always it is cheaper to book your own tickets online. This is because it cuts out the need for ticket sellers or commissions to travel agencies. Check often with our booking engine and be prepared to book on the spot. It’s a little like buying stocks low. It pays to set up an account beforehand so all you have to do it insert flight number and your credit card number. Often ticket sales are sell offs. There are limited numbers of tickets available. The early bird truly gets the worm here.

  6. Buy Tickets in Advance

    The cheapest airfare most often requires you to purchase your airline tickets at least two weeks before departure. If you can do this it is worth your while to purchase advance tickets when you are trying to buy inexpensive airline tickets.

  7. Investigate Minimum/Maximum Stay Savings

    The best prices often require you to stay as least two nights. Other inexpensive airline tickets stipulate a Saturday night stay. Maximum stay requirements usually matter only on international flights. A stay of thirty days or less is required to get the cheapest tickets.

  8. Check out Travel Windows

    Airfare sale prices usually have a travel departure window. For example: You can’t buy inexpensive airline tickets in winter for a popular summertime vacation season or vice versa. The travel window is usually within two to four months from the date you purchase the tickets.  Check this out: If you are flexible about when you travel you can save big on your airline tickets.

  9. Explore Sell offs

    Groups like Last Minute Travel Club sell remaining packages at a breakeven or even a loss to fill seats. Many times they will sell you the airline ticket separate from the package if you don’t want the package.

  10. Be Flexible

    If you are prepared to switch destinations, or start or leave from a different airport, or change your vacation days, then you can score the best deals on your airline tickets.