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Don’t miss those cheap flights to india from chicago. Get the low down on why Chicago is a great place to travel from and to.

Chicago, Illinois, situated on the shore of lake Michigan has two airports, O'Hare International and Midway International. O'Hare is the fourth busiest international gateway in the United States. So it is well equipped to provide those cheap flights to India from chicago and other destinations. Having used it for Internal and international flights; I found it easy to navigate and well equipped. Getting around the airport and Chicago, a well facilitated and top business center is straightforward with several options for inter-airport and city commuting available.

Transfer options:

  • The CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) is the a cheapest way to transfer, but be sure to allow up to two hours for the trip, for more information.
  • Shared taxi ride fares from O'Hare to Midway International Airport are $37 per person.
  •  Coach USA Tri State/United Limo, and Omega Airport Shuttle offer hourly services between O'Hare International and Midway International Airports from early morning to late evening. Allow at least 1 hour for travel time between the two.

Travel into the city is covered by:

  • The CTA Blue Line serves O'Hare International Airport; while the Orange Line serves Midway International Airport, the CTA website provides more information.
  • Taxis fares are based on traffic conditions, but an average fare from O'Hare to downtown Chicago is $30-40.
  • The Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) gets you where you’re going with their three transit operators: the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) bus and rail system, Metra commuter rail, and Pace suburban bus service.
  • Biking to the airport-Chicago provides excellent specialist bike routes and facilitated airport access. It‘s possible to secure your bike at the nearest CTA station and take the Blue Line to the airport; or use the free train at the, Airport Transit Systems (ATS) where free bike racks are provided.


 Is available from $9 a day for long stay through to $60 per day for short stay, including free terminals transfers.

Kiss 'n' Fly is an easy way for passengers to avoid the terminal area traffic. The drop-off point gives direct access to the (ATS) The collection point is located off Bessie Coleman Drive and is convenient for travelers reaching O'Hare from the north and northwest suburbs. So check out For those cheap flights to india from chicago.

Who flies to India from Chicago? Several carries operate to India from Chicago. Offering direct and connecting flight paths the main stopovers are Newark (EWS) and Frankfurt (FRA).

  • United Airlines / the largest airline at O'Hare. Flies direct to

Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Kolkata. Plus connecting via (FRA) in association with Lufthansa, to Bangalore, Delhi and Chennai.

  • American Airlines / the second-largest hub at O’Hare. Offers multi -connections in association with Delta and British Airways.
  • Air Canada / Flies to Bangalore via Toronto and (FRA). Also to Delhi Mumbai and Bangalore, via various connections.
  • Air India/ Flies direct to Delhi and Hyderabad.

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