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We all love a bargain. So how can we get these great deals on flights we keep hearing about?

A lot can depend on your flexibility dirt cheap airline tickets are out there, especially if you are not restricted on when you travel and are able to travel outside the peak travel seasons: Tickets are typically most expensive in the summer and around major holidays. Also if you are not locked into a particular destination you have more chance of finding yourself one of those, dirt cheap airline tickets.

 Flying to destinations out of the main season does not always mean bad weather or closed attractions but check out the forecast and local tourist information, you know what you want from your trip.  There is also the added bonus that you will probably find prices for accommodation etc. more competitive off-season and a bargain 5 star hotel and less crowded attractions could be just what you are looking for.

Some other routes to finding dirt cheap airline tickets are:

  • Being prepared to travel mid week or on the graveyard flights.
  • Some carriers sell off seats at the eleventh hour, but make sure you have all relevant documents and can get to the airport in time to book in. If you need to be somewhere it can be stressful because there is no guarantee, often nowadays you are waiting with people from missed and delayed flights.
  • Booking well in advance with some budget carriers that offer low prices to start and then increase seat prices when the aircraft fills up is another option.
  • Look out for marketing campaigns in papers or online, where airline carriers sell off a bunch of flights at bargain prices.
  • Major airports might regularly offer cheaper seats to some destinations but if it’s not your nearest, take into account your travel / parking costs they can add up and wipe out your savings.  
  • Signing up to carriers for E-mail alerts if you are prepared to deal with spam can alert you to some good offers.
  • If you are happy to fly non-direct, layovers can offer some excellent savings compared to direct flights.

Beware of hidden costs.

  • Some of the low cost carriers might offer the dirt cheap airline tickets but often have a no frills approach, no free food or drink available and often limited supplies of the for sale goods.
  • They can charge all sorts of extra fees for baggage many having weight, size and quantity limits, which can push prices up.
  • Seating is not always allocated or a fee to book a seat might apply; unallocated seating can be a stressful way to start your holiday especially for families or if you need extra legroom.
  • Some of the airports they service can be a distance from the main attractions so you might need to budget for extra transport fees and time. 

Your time is precious hopefully this guide will help you make saving where it best suits you, so you get the best from your travel experience. Bon voyage.

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