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Looking for great deals on flights from jfk to new delhi; Read on to find out more and get latest travel local information.


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 From Americas jfk to new delhi , The Gandhi International Airport is a modern, world acclaimed, international airport serving India’s capital; situated in Palam 16km from the center of New Delhi. For those arriving on a jfk to new delhi flight, the airport is serviced by a fast, 20-minute metro service to the center of Delhi from T3, 5.15am until 11.35pm everyday and costs150Rs.

There is also a regular bus service run by the state owned Delhi transport Corporation which takes approx. 30 minutes to the center for more information.

Many private bus companies and taxis, which vary in price dependent on features such as air con. and quality of the vehicle, also service the airport. After a long flight it can all be a little daunting so make sure you take a little time to orientate yourself and have a plan for where and how you want to travel.

For passengers with connecting flights or that need to work while waiting, the airport now boosts sleeping pods at 10$ an hour.

JFK airport is a world renowned and busy airport; for those travelling from jfk to new delhi make sure you leave sufficient time for check in and security screening.


Before you travel checklist:

  • Do you have up to date travel documents, passports, visa and boarding tickets.
  • Have you checked security guidelines, for prohibited items each airline will have a list available as well as the departure airport. Once though security JFK airport offers a selection of shops to grab those last minute essentials.
  • Do you need any special medication and a medical certificate to support this?
  • Have you the necessary currency, I change a small amount at the airport then look for a better rate in town: Have you considered how to protect your valuables.
  • Do have transport and accommodation booked, or know where to go to access these. 


 Hotels and hostels vary vastly in cost and quality with something available for all pockets and tastes. Having been the host for the Common Wealth Games in 2010, helped improve the range and standard of hostels and hotels. Many sites offer accommodation, it is probably wise to book in advance, which often includes airport pick up, read accommodation reviews and make sure they are up to date. There will be many touts chasing your business once you leave the airport, check you are with the right people if being collected. When travelling independently be firm and polite about your requirements if you feel pressured walk away; the locals are generally helpful and happy to oblige, but all have there own contacts, many will be on commission.


 Having said that don’t be deterred it’s a fabulous experience arriving in New Delhi, a little forward planning means you can relax and enjoy the experience.  For sight-seeing options.


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