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Often people have to travel at the last minute due to unforeseen emergencies or business related events. As such, they have to bear unnecessary expensive fares of airline tickets. However, finding last minute air ticket deal is at times possible especially when the airlines just cannot afford to fly with empty seats. Generally it is believed that the earlier you make bookings, the cheaper your airline tickets will be. But this is not always true. By booking few weeks in advance on long-haul flights, you can save several pounds. According to research, fares are usually cheaper three weeks before departure than booked 6 to 7 months in advance. To grab the last minute air ticket deals, you have to undergo some nail-biting moments. But if you can act wisely and quickly, you can land ample airfare savings on the fly. Here are certain tips to save the most on last minute flights.

Monitor Airline Online Sales

Some flights, especially overnight, overhaul flights has a great impact on prices. If one airline cuts or raises their air fares, others are likely to respond the same way. Moreover the airlines cannot afford to fly plane with empty seats, so they normally post last minute flights at good discounts on the web. The best way to grab last minute air ticket deals is to monitor airline prices online. You can also sign up for alerts to avoid spending all day in front of computer. They will alert you through email when the price changes. Web fares are normally posted mid-week. You can check an elite selection of last minute air ticket deal and enjoy a memorable journey.

Be Flexible

Securing a last-minute airline deal is quite easier if you are flexible about your return and departure dates, the number of flights you take to arrive at your last destination and the airport and the airline from which you will fly. If you want to make substantial airfare savings, prepare yourself to face inconveniences, whether that requires changing planes or boarding early morning flights.

Look for Last Minute Flights through a Travel Consolidator

Being wholesalers of the industry, the consolidators purchase blocks of airline tickets at a volume price. They then resell these tickets at prices less than what advertised by the airlines. Do a quick search and benefit by identifying airfare deals for your favored destinations.

Consider Student and Youth Fares

There are a number of organizations that gratify student travelers. Look for last minute stand-by airline tickets at discounted rates or for student travel deals. You can also search for youth airfare programs which offer inexpensive tickets for travelers between the ages of eighteen and twenty-two. Do not overlook these programs and start saving now.


Due to fierce competition, all major airlines post airfares at a discount to attract customers online. This way they are making booking cheaper for the customers. You can take benefit of this policy.

Travel Agents

Certainly, travel agents charge a fee to book your travel, but they have access to discounted tickets that may not be published online or are available to general public. This may not just include airfares, rental cars and hotels are worth mentioning with an agent.

Purchase a Vacation Package

If you are unable to find last minute air ticket, consider cheap vacations. Vacation packagers purchase blocks of air tickets to package with hotel nights. When the departure dates approach, they off load unsold packages at discounted prices. Buying an entire package will be less than the price of an available flight.

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