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While making travel plans, most people look for cheap airline tickets in order to save their travel expenses. Actually finding cheap airline tickets is not a tough job if you know what to do. Singapore is known to be the priciest places in Asiato travel to. However, the best way to grab cheap airline tickets to Singapore is online. There are many websites that help you find amazing deals on cheap flights to Singapore.

Information about Singapore

Singapore is a dynamic metropolis rich in colors and contrast where you will find a perfect blend of art, culture, architecture and cuisine. Also known as ‘Garden City, this vibrant city is blessed with beatific suburbs, tourists’ hideaway and picturesque landscapes. With international atmosphere and the warmth of Asia, this unique city in the heart of Southeast Asia represents the best of both West and East. Bursting with thrilling events and brimming with rampant energy, the city offers numerous memorable, unique experiences waiting to be explored.


Singapore typically has humid and hot weather with slight variation all through the year. In the daytime, the average temperature is around 31 degree Celsius which drops to around 24 degree Celsius in the evenings.

Tourist Attractions in Singapore

Singapore is truly an amazing city, a world of possibilities. In fact it is a wealth of world-class tourist attractions. An open concept zoo, the Singapore Zoological Gardens is a home to over 2,000 creatures. Next to the zoo is another eye-catching attraction, the Night Safari, where you can look out for leopards and single horned rhinoceros. China Town is the cultural hub of the country. Another most visited attraction is Sentosa Island which offers everything from aquariums, beaches, museums, sporting facilities, luxury resorts and restaurants. The Jurong Bird Park is one the world’s most impressive and the largest aviaries.


Singapore is serviced by nearly sixty major international airlines. Consider traveling in a less popular flight. In addition to Singapore Airlines, which is quite pricey,Singapore is also a home to discounted carriers, Tiger Airways, Jetstar, Cebu Pacific Air and Air Asia. Once you get to Singapore, local transportation is rather neat and easy. Changi Airport is the largest airport in the island. From the new Changi Airport (MRT) Mass Rapid Station, you can travel easily to destinations all over the island. MRT, taxi and bus ply the airport route and can get you to any place within the island with maximum ease. To enter Singapore, you may not require visas but a valid passport is needed. 


This touristy country has several options for accommodation. If you wish to pamper yourself and would like to stay close to airport, Singapore Airport Hotels can be the best choice. You can also make your stay in some nice Singapore hotels if money is not a consideration.

Tips to Book Cheap Airline Tickets to Singapore

With airline tickets becoming pretty expensive, purchasing cheap airline tickets is a necessity for the majority of travelers nowadays. Here are certain tips that can guide you to grab cheap airline tickets to Singapore.

  • Book closer to the date: Booking air tickets a couple of months before is a bad idea as there will be fewer promotions and discounts. However, closer to the date, if there are still some seats left for particular days, those seats can suddenly go on sale.
  • Be flexible on days: Try to be flexible on the days you wish to travel. Flying mid-week is generally cheaper. Mondays and Fridays are often the most expensive.
  • Check with few travel agents before booking: First, you can check for cheap airline tickets online and prepare a list of the prices. Then send an email to the travel agents to enquire about the prices for your planned trip. Soon you will get a reply and accordingly you can make your decision.
  • Prefer traveling off-season: Avoid purchasing airline tickets to Singapore during peak holiday season. Mostly the most expensive tickets are found at the times of New Year or national events or festivals.
  • Avoid direct flight: Another money saving tip to travel to Singapore is to look for flights that travel through Delhi, India; Bangkok, Thailand or any other key gateway city rather than making a direct flight.

Search for cheap airline tickets to Singapore with us and embark on your memorable journey.