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If you are looking for an unusual and exotic destination with a rich history for your next vacation, Cambodia is a good choice. You can sample the unique Asian food and tell all your friends about your exciting adventures when you get home.

If you decide to visit Cambodia, there are ways to save on flights. Since ticket prices can vary widely with starting locations and airlines, doing research will uncover the best deals. Being flexible about what time and on what day you fly can pay off.

Where you land into in Cambodia can also be a factor in getting cheap airline tickets. Most international flights land at Pchentong in Phnom Penh, or Siem Reap. Thirty airlines fly in and out of Pochentong, twenty-seven out of Siem Reap. The top flight destination is Phnom Penh.  Fourteen international flights per day land at Pochentong. Check flights from your nearest large city to Pochentong for cheap flights to Cambodia. Flying from smaller airports is often more costly or even impossible.

Also, be prepared to be flexible about seating. Single seats are often least expensive. If you are not traveling alone but are prepared to sit apart, you can often score cheap airline tickets to Cambodia.

While it is almost always cheaper to book your own flights, companies like and Sky Tracker can save valuable time.

Fly on the cheapest day. For international flights the cheapest day is Wednesday. Start your booking by checking prices for various flight dates. Friday and Sunday are best to avoid. Ticket prices are usually highest then.

The cheapest time of day to fly to Cambodia is very early in the morning. Middle-of-the-night flights can save significant money.

Check to see if it is cheaper to fly to a neighboring country. For example: Fly to Bangkok, and then travel to Phnom Penh or fly to Kuala Lumpur and then take Air Asia to Phnom Penh.

Flying off season is another way to get cheap flights to Cambodia. Check out off-season prices.

Last Minute Travel Club discounts on packages travel companies haven’t been able to sell may get you a flight package including accommodations and a car for the flight costs if you  can travel to Cambodia on short notice.

Avoid flight dates with peak travel surcharges. Track these peak times using websites like Sky Tracker and avoid travel to Cambodia then.

Timing is everything. Don’t buy that Cambodia flight too early or too late. Airlines start releasing cheap airline tickets 4 or 5 months before travel dates. Watch for these cheap airline ticket sales to Cambodia.

Records your research so you know good flight prices to Cambodia and can snap up cheap tickets when they are offered.

Use air miles or points you have accumulated to save on flights to Cambodia. You can even use those of friends or a family member.

Shop Air+Hotel Packages. These are often much less expensive than air only rates.

There are many ways to get cheap airline tickets to Cambodia if you are flexible and do some research.