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Here at airline ticket center, we aim to provide you with a site that’s straightforward to use, so you can book the cheapest and best flight options for you: After all, organizing your trip should be part of the fun. Check out our cheap airline tickets to India. where we have great flight deals, on airline carriers servicing all the best Indian destinations.  We aim to inspire and inform to enable you to get the best from your travel experiences.

India is a destination offering something for all tastes! What will you choose?

  • The awe inspiring mountain ranges of the Himalayas in the north, provide mountaineering, skiing, trekking, biking and white water rafting to name a few pursuits for adventure seekers. 
  • The jungles, deserts and National Parks provide an abundance of wildlife for nature lovers to enjoy.
  • The incredible vibrant culture, architecturally stunning buildings and temples are a treat for even jaded sightseers.
  • The coastal regions with wonderful beaches where you can watch the sunrise and set or enjoy diving trips or fishing excursions.

These are just some of the many attractions India can offer.   

The main tourist broad offers some inspiration.

Useful information to know:


A current Visa will be needed and can be obtained from,

Some adventure activities might require special visas or permits, that need to be issued in the capital Delhi, or another major city in India, so factor this into your travel plans.

Where and when to fly:

 India has seven different climatic regions, three seasons and two different monsoons. Generally Westerners travel during the winter months, to avoid the main monsoon season and enjoy the cooler but still very pleasant temperatures. Some mountain activities are best suited to the summer months, whereas skiing trips will require winter conditions. Many national parks are best visited in the summer when wildlife is most visible.  If you are planning a grand tour, seasonal weather might affect your choice of arrival and departure points.

 Transportation from major airports is plentiful and has something to suit most budgets and tastes.  From cheap rickshaws, through to air-conditioned taxis and buses. India also has an extensive rail network and many internal flight options. The road conditions and traffic regulations are very different to those westerners are used to and car hire is rare.  

Once you know what you want from your trip you are ready to select a suitable arrival airport. 

India has 12 International airports serviced, from various American cities with lots of cheap airline tickets to India to select from.

 Basic health safety tips:

 India is a wonderful place for the traveller with so much to offer. The crime rate is comparatively low, and the people for the most part are warm and friendly.

Keep your luggage in sight where possible when travelling.

 A small padlock and cable are useful for securing your room door and helping to keep your bags secure while travelling.

 A money belt is a useful item and keeping daily spending funds separate to your main funds is wise.

Think carefully about valuable items you wish to take they should be useful not a burden, will your hostel/hotel have a safe, are you prepared to carry the items with you or leave them in your room?

Make sure you have emergency contact details for your insurance company, bank and embassy handy just in case.

Check out what injections are required for your travel zone.

Take basic first aid for upset stomachs, headaches, tooth problems and any special medication you require, plus some water-sterilizing tablets.

Avoid drinking water unless from a sealed bottle, and eating at roadside food vendors where possible.

Read up on latest scams before you travel and respect local dress etiquette and culture; being aware makes you less vulnerable and more able to enjoy the experience. I have had the unforgettable experiences of being invited to a wedding, near the hostel I stayed at and practicing geometry for an afternoon at a local school.

Do a little research it will pay off. If you are planning an adventure holiday seriously consider contacting and recruiting guides in advance they are a mine of information giving you a good idea of what services you will need and allowing you to see if you are able to communicate well together.  Always check recommendations: But the ethos is to provide the very best they can for there clients.

 I always like to take the stress out of arriving in an unfamiliar location, after a long flight by arranging, at least my first nights accommodation in advance, which often allows for airport transfers to be arranged as well.

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