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Thailand is one of the most beautiful and accessible countries in Southeast Asia. It is a land of dense jungles and exotic beaches. There are ways to save when you are booking a flight to Thailand whether it is on a domestic or international airline.

Airline ticket prices can vary widely from airline to airline. With a little bit of research you will find that there are lots of deals that offer cheap airline tickets to Thailand.

Single seats are often attractively priced. If you are traveling as a group or couple, book seats individually to take advantage of these savings. It may mean you don’t sit together but who cares if you are scoring cheap airline tickets?

Many companies like as we save you time in booking. Use our research to save yourself hours of searching.

Fly on the cheapest day. That’s Wednesday with Tuesday and Saturday close seconds. Avoid flying Friday and Sunday when ticket prices are higher.

Fly at the cheapest time of day. The cheapest time to fly to Thailand is early in the morning—or the middle of the night. Take a red eye and save money.

Go during off season. Check out off-season prices. For example: Europe is a lot more expensive in the summer and Australia is a bargain in the summer as that’s its winter season.

Fly first class at coach prices. Check how much it is to upgrade to first class when you check in.

Check out Last Minute Travel Club discounts. These clubs specialize in selling off packages travel companies haven’t been able to sell. You may be able to get flight/accommodations/meals/car for less than half price if you are able to travel to Thailand on short notice.

Avoid days when airlines flying to Thailand hit you with peak travel surcharges. When seats are in short supply, like peak season, airlines charge a premium for seats. Avoid peak travel surcharges by tracking these peak times and avoiding travel then.

Don’t buy your flight to Thailand too early or too late. Airlines don’t start releasing cheap tickets until 3-4 months before departure for domestic travel and 4-5 months before international travel. Watch closely for these cheap airline ticket sales.

Let technology help. Sign up for airline and destination newsletters for Thailand. You’ll be informed when a seat sale goes on the market.

Keep records so you can price compare. Keep a sheet of paper next to your computer. Write down the prices of tickets to Thailand so you have a good idea of current costs. That way you’ll be prepared to act immediately when a cheap ticket comes up.

Fly from a nearby hub city. Bigger airports, especially for international travel, charge more to land. Consider flying out of and into a smaller airport on a smaller airline.

Call for Bereavement Rates.If you must fly to Thailand because of a serious illness or death in the family, ask about bereavement rates. Most airlines don’t have these anymore but it is worth a try.

Use air miles or points you have accumulated. You can even use those of friends or a family member.

Shop Air+Hotel Packages. These are often much less expensive than air only rates.