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Malaysia is a mix of the modern and developing nation. Its culture, people, and history make it an interesting place to visit. If you can be flexible about when, and where you arrive and depart, and the time of year you visit, and how long you stay, you can find cheap airline tickets to Malaysia.

Best Time to Visit Malaysia

Visiting on off-peak tourist season will often result in cheap airline tickets to Malaysia. The first peak season is from the beginning of December to the end of January. The second is June to August. After September until December it low tourist time. However, you may want to avoid November to March when it is rainy season and flooding occurs in some areas.

Where to Land
Where you land in Malaysia can also net you cheap airline tickets. Malaysia has five international airports: Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Langkawi, Kota Kinabalu, and Kuching. AirAsia is the low-cost carrier with flights from Australia and the Great Britain to Kuala Lumpur. Thus, it is often the best place to land.

Check prices to land in Singapore or Thailand and take rail or bus transportation from there. It may result in a significant saving.

Beginning Point

Check flight prices to Australia or Great Britain from various international airports near you. Often where you fly from can save you money. Flying to Australia or Great Britain and taking advantage of low-cost fare from there to Malaysia might be worthwhile too.

Best Times to Fly

Investigate the cheapest time of day to travel. Frequently it is well worth the savings to fly in the very early morning or at noon.

The best day to fly is Wednesday. Week-end flights are expensive. Check flight prices on various days of the week to save on cheap airline tickets to Malaysia.

Avoid flight dates with peak travel surcharges. Track these peak times using websites like SkyScanner and avoid travel to Malaysia then. There is always a travel departure tax on leaving Malaysia. Its cost is incorporated into your ticket but the cost varies with the airport you where you depart from Malaysia.

Flexible Seating

Single seats are least expensive. If you are not traveling alone but the members of your travel group are willing to sit apart, you can often get cheap airline tickets to Malaysia.

How to Book

Booking your own airline tickets will usually save you money but companies like and Sky Scanner can save valuable research time. Also look at last minute sell-offs with companies like Last Minute Travel Club. You may get a cheap flight plus accommodations and/or a car with these last-minute arrangements.

If you are going to want accommodations in Malaysia, check package deals. Air+Hotel packages are often much less expensive than air only rates.

When to Buy Tickets

Continuously monitoring for sell-offs and seat sales is worthwhile. When you buy international flight tickets makes a saving too. Airlines start releasing cheap airline tickets 4 or 5 months before travel dates. Also keep an eye to these dates for cheap airline ticket sales to Malaysia.