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Are you looking for a vacation spot that is a little off the beaten path? Indonesia may be just the place. There are many ways to get cheap airline tickets to Indonesia if you are prepared to be flexible and don’t mind doing some research. Here are some suggestions for how to find inexpensive airline tickets to Indonesia:

1.       Fly on the cheapest day

The cheapest day to fly is often Wednesday. Check search engines like SkyScanner and you will learn the cheapest days of the month to fly.

2.       Fly at a cheap hour

The least expensive time to fly is early morning. Take the red eye and save significantly. The next cheapest time is noon or early afternoon. Research the best times to fly and make use of this information.

3.       Buy tickets at the cheapest time.

The best time to buy airline tickets is Tuesday at 3 p.m. But watch for seat sales and be prepared to book them immediately as the window of opportunity is often small.

4.       Shop the least expensive airlines

Find the cheapest airlines that fly your endpoints. Good “budget airlines” include: AirAsia, Lion Air and Jetstar.

5.       Choose the cheapest way to book tickets

It is almost always cheaper to book your own tickets online. But, check booking services like Sky Scanner, Expedia, and KAYAK. Sometimes they offer a better deal than you can get on your own. The strategy is to check often and be prepared to book immediately. Many times these cheap airline tickets to Indonesia are sell-offs.

6.       Buy Tickets in Advance

For international flights the cheapest time to book your flight to Indonesia is four or five months in advance. Earlier or later often results in more expensive airfare.

7.       Investigate Minimum/Maximum Stay Savings

If you have flexibility on your length of stay you can often score cheap airline tickets to Indonesia by checking the savings on longer or shorter stays.

8.       Avoid Peak Season in Indonesia

The best time to visit Indonesia is during dry season between April and October. But avoid mid-June to mid-July as that is peak tourist time and airfares are high then. Flying off season allows you to get cheap airfares.

9.       Look for Sell-off Deals

Groups like Last Minute Travel Club offer sell-off packages. Sometimes you can get air/accommodations/car at a very attractive price.

10.   Be Flexible

If you are not particular which Indonesian airport you land at, you can save on cheap airline tickets to Indonesia. Check prices to Jakarta, Medan, Bali, Denpasar, and Surabaya. You’ll save some money flying into the least expensive airport. This is often—but not always— Java: Jakarta (CGK) or Denpasar (DPS). It may also pay to be flexible where you fly from.  Starting or leaving from the least expensive airport, or change your vacation days can help you find cheap airline tickets to Indonesia.

11.   Check Single Seat Prices

Single seats are the least expensive. If you are travelling as a couple or in a group and you are prepared to sit apart, you can often get cheap tickets to Indonesia.